IEEE Systems Council - Technical Committee on Security and Privacy in Complex Information Systems

The TCSPCIS was founded in 2010 under the sponsorship of the IEEE Systems Council. The TCSPCIS is dedicated to the advancements of research, development, and applications in the areas of security, privacy, and availability in complex distributed information systems and systems-of-systems. The members of the technical committee are involved in a number of activities, including the organization of conferences and workshops as well as the dissemination of knowledge on related disciplines. [more]


ERCIM Working Group on Security and Trust Management

This ERCIM Working Group aims at focussing the research of the ERCIM institutions on a series of activities (e.g., projects and workshops) for fostering the European research and development on security, trust and privacy in ICT. [more]


ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society

WPES - Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society [more]


IFIP - WG 11.3

IFIP WG 11.3 was formed in 1986 to stimulate activities in both data security research and in the application of data security techniques. The goal in forming the working group was to encourage the development of better techniques for stating data security requirements, for designing, building, and implementing data management systems that satisfy security requirements, and for assuring that the systems meet their requirements in actual operation. [more]



Today's globally networked society places great demand on the dissemination and sharing of information. While in the past released information was mostly in tabular and statistical form, many situations call today for the release of specific data (microdata). In order to protect the anonymity of the entities (called respondents) to which information refers, data holders often remove or encrypt explicit identifiers such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. [more]